GitoTech is a Poly Partner that brings many benefits to your business. Our expertise in Poly hardware helps businesses improve collaboration and communication by finding the right solutions for your specific needs, including business and conference phones, video conferencing systems and headsets. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Poly technology products and access to warranty and services programs at competitive prices and outstanding customer care.

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Unified Communications

Poly Unified Communications helps businesses improve communication and collaboration by providing a comprehensive and integrated solution for voice, video, and data communication. With GitoTech’s experience in Poly Unified Communications, your business can streamline communication systems, reduce costs, and improve productivity by eliminating the need for multiple communication tools and platforms. Whether it's a voice call, video conference, or instant message, Poly Unified Communications provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, allowing employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

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Immersive Video Experiences

GitoTech’s expertise with Poly Video Conferencing helps businesses improve collaboration and increase productivity by providing high-quality video communication solutions. With Poly Video Conferencing, businesses can connect with employees, customers, and partners from anywhere, at any time, using a range of devices and platforms. Whether it's a team meeting, a remote presentation, or a customer demo, Poly Video Conferencing provides a seamless and reliable video experience, ensuring that businesses can communicate effectively and efficiently.

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Poly Video

Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Google Meet Immersive Video Rooms High Quality Personal Video Interoperability & Compatibility

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Poly Voice

Signature Poly HD Voice NoiseBlockAI & Acoustic Fence Easily Pair with Mobile or Bluetooth Cutting-Edge Technology

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Poly Headsets

Incredible Clarity Top Notch Audio Noise Reduction Freedom to Work Anywhere

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Empower Your Business with Poly Today!

Transform your business with Poly technology products. GitoTech offers competitive pricing and personalized support so you you'll have the confidence and peace of mind to take your business to the next level. Invest in the best technology products and support on the market today. Get a custom quote now and experience all GitoTech has to offer.

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